The 6 Best Games You Can Play To Win Real Money in 2023

Published on:January 23, 2023
The 6 Best Games You Can Play To Win Real Money in 2023
Shahanshah Alam
ByShahanshah Alam

Playing online games can help bust some stress and also make for a quick adrenaline rush every now and then. And the best part? You don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas and head out anywhere for this. Online games today provide immersive gaming experiences people can enjoy from their couch any given Sunday. These games have evolved from being mere entertainment tools to a way of earning money for a lot of folks. Most platforms actively look to improve the gaming experience and offer huge rewards to their players.

Here are some games you can play online to win money:

1. Teen Patti

‘Teen Patti’ means three cards. The game uses a 52-card deck and involves 3 to 6 players. Like other poker games, Teen Patti begins with a player placing a bet, a fixed amount of what all players have agreed to stake. After all the players have staked their chance, the boot amount is collected from each player, and then everyone is dealt three cards that face down.

The boot is the minimum amount in a pot, available in both offline and online games. When each player is dealt cards, the next move involves making a raise. To win real money in Teen Patti, your cards should have a string trail, pure sequence, impure sequence, colour, pair and high card. By placing a logical bet and understanding some of the winning strategies, you can earn good money.

2. MyPoints

MyPoints is another platform that has been around for some time. You can win money by playing games, taking surveys or participating in their various offers. The platform gives a bonus after signing in. Once you hit a certain amount, you can redeem the points and get a gift card for a certain amount. Like most online games, you have to play a few good times to increase your chances of winning, or at least for getting a shopping card. Some games available with MyPoints include spades, wheel of fortune, trivial pursuit, angry birds, scramble and solitaire.

3. Rummy

Third on the list is a much loved online game: Rummy. The game has been one of the contributors to the growing market for online gaming. As it is a skill-based game, there are high chances of you learning the game well and winning real cash in Rummy. You must know the rules and variations before playing. It’s equally important to find a top-rated Rummy casino that offers great bonuses and an unbiased scoring system. Bonuses, promotions and offers provide a good head start in the game. To increase your chances of winning, think rationally and create a unique strategy that will help you to beat your competitors. Some platforms give you the opportunity to practise by offering free tournaments. Practise well and then start playing for money.

4. Live Casinos

Live casinos are among the most popular options for making money online. It is a game of both skill and chance. People with skills have higher chances of winning than people who depend solely on luck.

Some reasons to opt for an online casino are:

  • They are convenient because you can play from anywhere and anytime
  • You can monitor the game as it is in progress
  • When you choose a rated live casino platform, you have a fair and secure game and have various payment option
  • You get a chance to compete with real opponents

With the wide variety of casino games, there is always a chance for everyone to earn cash from the game they feel more proficient in.

5. Solitaire Cash

Founded in 2016, Solitaire boasts around 4 million downloads worldwide and has a rapidly growing user base. After downloading the platform, you can spend some of your money on tournaments, which give you real cash after winning.

You can play the game or enter a tournament against others with the same deck. Solitaire provides smooth gameplay, and you can undo your moves. With the right skills, you can choose your desired level and enter tournaments to earn real money.

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6. Dream 11

If you are a cricket fan, this trendy game is a good pick for you. The fantasy sports platform allows players to play fantasy hockey, cricket, Kabaddi, and volleyball, among others. It is a popular game during the cricket season, like the Test Series, IPL, and World Series, because it involves predicting upcoming matches.

Players create virtual teams with real-life players, and based on their performance, they earn points. The game requires that you have the right skill that will enable you to choose the right players. If you consider playing Dream 11, choose a contest that is within your level to compete in.

Now that you know how to win money at the best games, hurry up. Pick your game, look for the right platform offering it and start playing. The best platform should be one that has many positive reviews, flexible payment options, easy withdrawals and lucrative welcome bonuses and rewards.

Good luck on your online journey of earning money from anywhere.

Shahanshah Alam
Shahanshah Alam

With over a decade of experience in the iGaming sphere, Shahanshah never leaves a chance to test newly launched casinos. When free of work, we often find him watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on a binge mode.

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