Poker Sequence Mastery: A Beginner's Guide To Winning At The Table

Published on:March 6, 2023
Poker Sequence Mastery: A Beginner's Guide To Winning At The Table
Shahanshah Alam
ByShahanshah Alam

There are various types of poker games available online. However, there are common poker hands used in all these poker formats. The Poker sequence shows the strength of the hands in a game situation. Some poker formats that use these hands include poker-based casino games such as three-card poker, Texas Hold 'em or Omaha. Here are the poker hands that, when you master, will help you win.

Basic poker rules

Hands or sequences in poker are card patterns that involve specific suits or numbers on the cards. There are nine common hands, ranked according to the probability of their occurrence. Here, they are listed from the highest ranked to the lowest as they are used in a game of poker.

Royal flush

It's the best hand in poker. Its five consecutive cards all come from the same suit. An example of a royal flush is an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of spades. Sometimes, a flush draw can occur. It happens when one has four cards of the same suit and requires only one card to complete the draw.

Straight flush

It's among the rarest and most valuable sequences you can get while playing any poker. It's a combination of straight and flush. The hand is a sequence of numbers from the same suit that is not a royal flush. An example is a Queen, Jack,10,9,8 of hearts. It ranks below five of a kind or above four a kind.

Four of a kind

It's also known as quads. As the name suggests, it means four cards of the same rank and another card. It's the third most valuable hand in the game of poker. The difference of the quads in online gambling is they differ by suit, for example, 9♣ 9♠ 9♦ 9♥ J♥.or 4♣ 4♠ 4♦ 4♥ 9♣.

Full House

Full House is also referred to as a full boat, tight or boat. These are three cards of the same value in three different suits and a different pair. When this happens, the player with the highest value of three of a kind wins the hand. A good example of this is a 3♣ 3♠ 3. 6♣ 6♥.


A flush consists of five cards from the same suit and has no particular order. If more than one player gets this hand in any online poker gambling, the win goes to one with the highest value card.


A straight is five cards with consecutive numerical values of more than one suit. When you get an ace, it ranks below a 2 or higher than a king, but not at the same time in that hand.

Three of a kind

It's a sequence consisting of three cards of the same rank from three different suits. The two highest cards available besides the three-of-a-kind complete the hand. These hands are stronger than two pairs.

Two pairs

These hands are a set of two cards of similar rank. In case of a tie during a game, the higher ranked the cards, the more likely you are to win.


It's a pair of cards in the same ranks in different suits. In any poker game, if more than one player gets a pair, the player with the highest value wins.

High card

This is the lowest value hand with which you can win in any poker game. In a poker game at online casinos in India or anywhere else, two is the lowest value, and ace has the highest value. One way you can win lots of money with a high card is if your bluffing skills are very good.

It's important to note that not all poker games are decided by the highest-ranked sequences.

Now that you have the sequences to help you win games, it's time to learn how to win a game easily. Here are tips and tricks.

Best tips for beginners to play poker online

1. Play fewer hands

Beginners are tempted to play every hand during a game in online gambling. Sometimes it's important to sit and observe as others play. When you play with a lot of hands, you will spend a lot of money. The easiest way to play poker online is to pass a bad hand and then get a good hand. This is the best foundation of a good poker hand strategy that will get you on a winning streak.

2. Learn The Basic Math

Mathematics is important, but even more so when it comes to Poker. While most of us think Poker is a game of chance, it requires accurate calls and judgement: that come from basic concepts, and understanding of probability (odds). Especially in Texas Hold 'Em, odds are a major factor. Take your time and understand how the odds of striking your hand, the outs you have, and how to compare all of this to the wager size you're up against.

Once you grasp this knowledge, you will certainly be better equipped to make better calls based on maths, instead of guessing your opponents moves: all of which will make you a much better player.

3. Semi-bluff aggressively with your draws

Do you want to crush poker? Bluffing well will help you achieve this. Remember, you must bluff effectively to avoid losing your money. To bluff, well, you have to let the cards you have dictate if you're going to bluff. Therefore, it's essential to bluff with hands that can improve to the best hand. An example is the flush draws or straight flush.

4. Fold when unsure

It's easy to differentiate between a bad player and an expert. Good players can lay down a good hand when they think they are beaten. It looks simple, but you need to practise. However, avoid calling too soon and in the wrong situations.

Doing this is the fastest way for you to lose in poker. So, when you are unsure whether to call/fold or bet or raise, fold. It's crucial when you fold to ensure you note the details of the hand. It will help you know if you've decided to fold in that session.

Playing poker games is mostly a game of luck. However, you require the right strategy, skills and a lot of practice to win the pot. As a beginner, memorising the different hands and using these tips will make you a pro.

Shahanshah Alam
Shahanshah Alam

With over a decade of experience in the iGaming sphere, Shahanshah never leaves a chance to test newly launched casinos. When free of work, we often find him watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on a binge mode.

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