Understanding Responsible Gambling and Overcoming Gambling Addiction | Take Charge of Your Gaming Habits

Published on:March 9, 2023
Understanding Responsible Gambling and Overcoming Gambling Addiction | Take Charge of Your Gaming Habits
Shahanshah Alam
ByShahanshah Alam

Online gambling has shot up in popularity in the last few years. You are bombarded by ads to take part in some online casino game or another with prizes that run into several crores.

It's hard not to feel tempted, and this is where the problem lies. Interest turns into addiction very soon, and this could mean a financial crisis for you and your family.

So what are the risks of online Gambling, and how can you protect yourself and your family from a financial disaster? This blog takes you through the risks of these online contests and tips to avoid addiction.

Let's start with the risks of Casino Gambling.

What Makes Online Casino Gambling Risky?

Here are some risks to consider when gambling online.

Anytime Access

Unlike an offline casino, online portals can be accessed from the comfort of your home on your tablet or laptop. You can play live casino on the go on your mobile phone.

While it may be convenient for the player, it also means that access is easy, and all you need is to click on the game of your choice.

Unlimited Playing

While offline casinos have fixed timings, there is no such regulation for online casino gambling.

These casinos are open 24/7, and you can access them whenever you want. You can play for as long as you want and spend as much as you want.

Playing Alone

When you play online, you usually play alone. In live casinos, you can gamble and also socialise with others.

If you have a gambling problem, the chances of your addiction being found out are low.

Damage to Credit Score

One of the payment modes accepted by online casino is credit cards. You don't have to worry about loading or reloading your loyalty cards. Your account is activated instantly, and you can start playing.

When addicted, you don't pay attention to how much is going out through your credit card, which can lead to huge bills. And if you don't pay bills on time, your credit score might go down, making it difficult to obtain loans from banks.

Data Security Issues

There are illegal gambling sites that don't have the required permission. If you play on these sites, there is a high possibility of your account being hacked and money being withdrawn against your consent.

Your personal data could also be shared with third-party companies, and you could get unwanted spam.

How to Protect Yourself While Gambling Online

Now that you know the risks of online gambling, here are some DOs and DONT’s to remember when playing.



Before you start playing, find all the details about the site and its rules and regulations. Understand the game and navigate to the user interface to familiarise yourself with the site.

Finding the best online casino sites might take some time, but the effort is worth it since you have a trustworthy site where your money and identity are safe.

Analyse the reviews and ratings on trusted websites like gambling.in before you finally make a decision.

Have a Budget

When you have a budget, you can restrict your spending on Online gambling to the limits you set yourself. While your winning is limited, so are your losses.

If you are losing more frequently than winning, try another game. When you find a game you are good at, you not only have fun but also have a higher chance of winning.

Gain From Bonuses

Every gambling site offers bonuses and promotions. These provide you with extra funds to spend and help you stretch your budget.

However, note that all bonuses and promotions come with terms and conditions. Some casino gambling sites need you to wager a certain sum to avail of these bonuses, while others have conditions for withdrawal.

Play With Your Surplus

The money left after you make your essential monthly expenses and investments should be used for gambling.

This is your surplus; only part of this should be used for gambling. It's the money you can afford to lose.


Don't Chase Losses

When you lose in a game, you are tempted to try and recover your losses. Doing this leads to higher losses even if you have a budget.

Avoid this mistake, and quit if you lose consecutive games.

Sharing Personal Information

The best online casino will have the highest security measures, so share important personal information only after verification of the site's security protocol.

Never Play Under the Influence of Alcohol

Online gambling is an addiction; if you have had too many drinks, your risk of losing money is higher.

You might even forget about your budget since alcohol affects your judgment, and you end up making a wrong decision.

Don't Get Carried Away by Winning

When you keep winning at online casinos, you might forget the rules you have set for yourself. The winning streak might suddenly turn into a losing spell, urging you to continue playing.

So set a target amount while winning, and stop if you come close to that goal. Withdraw your earnings like a smart gambler.


Online casino gambling is meant to be fun. To gamble, you need money, with the required amount varying based on the game you play. While playing online offers a lot of flexibility with regard to when you want to play and how much you want to spend, being careless could cost you your savings.

Other risks include damage to your credit score along with an impact on your family and career.

To enjoy casino gambling:

  1. Choose a Online gambling site after proper research
  2. Look at the site reviews by other players, check the security protocol of the site, and verify their license before you play
  3. Share your personal information only with legitimate sites

Avoid any other addiction when gambling online since you might exceed your budget and fall into a financial trap. Choose a game that you understand and enjoy a higher winning ratio.

Explore gambling.in for guides, reviews, tips and strategies etc.

Shahanshah Alam
Shahanshah Alam

With over a decade of experience in the iGaming sphere, Shahanshah never leaves a chance to test newly launched casinos. When free of work, we often find him watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on a binge mode.

Stay in control

If you need help staying in control, Gambling.IN advocates responsible gambling. Gambling Therapy is a global online service for those worried about their own gambling or the gambling of others. You can email [email protected] or live chat online at gamblingtherapy.org to receive immediate support.

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