How to Master the Teen Patti Sequence: A Guide for Beginners

Published on:March 2, 2023
How to Master the Teen Patti Sequence: A Guide for Beginners
Shahanshah Alam
ByShahanshah Alam

Teen Patti is a three-card game that originated in India. It has been around for years and boasts millions of players worldwide. The game usually involves three to six players and is played with a deck of cards. Winning the game can be tricky, but knowing and having the different sequences makes it easier. Here are Teen Patti sequences and tips to make playing and winning the game easier.

Common Teen Patti sequences

There are many online teen patti sites available where you can play Teen Patti with real money. These sites offer a secure and safe gaming environment and also provide a variety of bonuses and promotions to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. So, if you're looking for a thrilling gaming experience, then look no further than Teen Patti!

Before playing Teen Patti on any online site, you need to understand the various sequences and which one among them ranks the highest. Knowing them will put you in a better position while playing. They are six, and they include:

1. Trail or set

Three cards of the same value/type is a trail or a set. It is the highest-ranking Teen Patti sequence in the game. The number one trio is three aces, and the second is three Kings, followed by three Queens, and so on.

2. Pure sequence

This hand is a straight flush that consists of 3 successive cards of a similar suit. It has the second-highest ranking in this game after the trail. The best pure sequence you can get in Teen Patti is Ace, King and Queen. In this sequence, the type of suit is not considered as long as three cards are of a similar suit.

3. Sequence

Almost similar to pure sequence, but the players don't need the same suit to win. If you have cards in consecutive order, that is a complete sequence. A good example of a sequence is an Ace, King, Queen, Ace,2,3 and King, Queen and Jack.

4. Colour

It happens when you have a hand with three cards belonging to the same suit but not in a specific sequence. For instance, 2,7,10 of clubs. If two players have same card values then the one who has three from the same suit will win.

5. Pair

When you hold two cards from the same rank, it's known as a pair. For instance, if you have two Queens of any suit plus another card. But in the game, the highest-ranked pair is two aces, and 2s have the lowest value. So the highest ranks after two Aces are A-A-K, A-A-Q, A-A-Jack and so on.

6. High card

A high card method is a method used when no other previously mentioned combination is formed. The highest-ranking card is the Ace. For instance, if a player has an Ace of hearts, King of diamonds, 10 of clubs and 6 of spades and 2 of hearts, the highest card is the Ace of hearts. So, if two players have three different cards from 3 different suits, then the person with the highest value card wins.

The list above consists of the common sequences to win the game of Teen Patti.

Best tips to get the best Teen Patti sequence when playing online

When playing Teen Patti, whether online or offline, there are tips you need to keep in mind. Do the following to make it easy to play and win cash.

1. Study the rules

Before playing any game, it's essential to learn the rules. When playing the game, Teen Patti rules apply and determine who wins. Teen Patti rules allow you to play the game properly and know the moves.

2. Practice with free games

Different platforms offer free games for practice purposes. Before placing a wager to play the game, learn the ropes by playing for free first. It will help increase the experience as you play Teen Patti online.

3. Start with small bets

Having a long run in any game increases the probability of winning it. Therefore, it's crucial to start betting small when playing Teen Patti online, as it will help increase your bet successively. Using this trick will ensure you don't finish your money quickly. It also allows you to think more about the game and its strategies.

4. Play blind

This is the best trick to follow if you place a bet without seeing your card. If possible, play blind as much as you can. This way, your opponents won’t be able to gauge you about the card you have. The risk with this strategy is high, but so is the reward.

5. Set limits before placing a bet

Teen Patti is a game of luck, and it's hard to predict the outcome. Sometimes even when you have good cards, it's not a guarantee you will win. Of course, you can lose the bet, but it's less of a loss than losing all your money. Therefore, ensure you protect yourself by gambling responsibly by setting limits.

6. Bluff or fold if you have a bad hand

Folding or bluffing when you have a weak hand confuses your opponents to think you have a better hand. When playing Teen Patti online, it's possible to bluff using your betting skills because no one sees your body language. The goal when you place a wager is to win the game and bag cash. If you are still determining if bluffing will work, you can fold instead of losing money.

7. Grab opportunities

Getting hold of chances at the right time might help you stay in the long run. If you notice your opponents are folding their hands, take advantage. However, this depends on the hand you have. If you have the upper hand, you can start betting.

Teen Patti is a social game which relies mostly on chance. However, you need to understand the teen patti rules and sequence types and use the tips to win. In addition, remember winning will be tough if you don't practice. So, use the free games online to test your skill before placing a bet.

Shahanshah Alam
Shahanshah Alam

With over a decade of experience in the iGaming sphere, Shahanshah never leaves a chance to test newly launched casinos. When free of work, we often find him watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on a binge mode.

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