’s Guide to Playing Rummy

Rummy is an extremely popular card game that is enjoyed worldwide. There’s even an Indian version of rummy that is played by friends and families alike.

How to Play Online Rummy: The Objective

There are different variations of rummy for both online and offline formats. Each format has its own set of rules. Despite that, what makes online rummy simple to play is that the game’s goal remains the same: build melds (with either runs or sets). Once you know the basics of melds, hands, etc., playing online rummy should be super simple!

Playing online rummy is a great way to challenge your mental skills. It can also hone your ability to quickly assess a situation and develop a viable solution in response.

We’ve put together a helpful online rummy game guide to help interested parties learn the rules. We’ll also include a brief summary of the different variations of the game as well as expert tips that can help anyone – especially beginners! – improve their playstyle and strategy.

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How to Play Online Rummy: The Rules

The version of online rummy that’s available at most casino websites and mobile apps is called Indian Rummy (also known as Paplu).

In rummy, the cards are ranked from the lowest value to the highest. It starts with the Ace (A), then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), and King (K). The face cards (J, Q, K) are given a value of 10 points. The other cards are worth points equal to their face value (i.e., 2 = 2 points, 3 = 3 points, etc.).

Game Start:



Play starts when the dealer deals the cards to all players. Players then check their cards.



The dealer takes one card from the deck and places it face up on the table. This card starts the Discard Pile. The remaining cards are placed facedown to create the stock or Draw Pile.



On their turn, players draw cards from either the discard pile or the draw pile to try and create melds (runs or sets). Only one card can be drawn per round.



The objective of Indian Rummy is to create melds with your cards. The first player to meld all their cards wins the game.



If a player declares “Rummy!,” they must show their cards to the other players to verify the runs and/or sets that have been formed.



A winner is declared!

Online Rummy: Other Rules to Know

  • Players cannot return a card that they picked from the discard pile. If they draw a card from the discard pile, they must discard a different card.

  • If a player accidentally picks two cards from the draw pile, they must return the second to the top. The player after them has the option to peek at this card and decide if they want it or not. If they don’t want it, the second card is returned to the draw pile, but it is not placed at the top.

  • Some versions of rummy allow the use of wild cards. Including wild cards in the game is a decision often made before the game starts. What these wild cards actually depend on the players. In some games, the Joker cards are considered wild. However, players can choose to use 2s as wilds. ‘Wild cards’ can be used to substitute other cards in order to create a meld.

How to Play Rummy Online: Sequences

In traditional rummy, Indian Rummy, and online rummy, you will encounter the terms ‘sequences’ and ‘runs’ a lot. Both these terms refer to a group of three or more cards of either the same suit, the same rank, or of consecutive rank.

In cases of online rummy games that allow the use of wilds, there are two types of sequences that can be formed: a pure sequence and an impure sequence.

To win at Indian Rummy, you need to have at least one pure sequence.

  • When a player creates a sequence or a run with three or more cards of the same suit without using a wild card, it’s called a Pure Sequence.
    Pure Sequence Poker Hand
  • When a player creates a sequence or a run with three or more cards of the same suit but uses a wild card to complete either, it’s called an Impure Sequence.
    Impure Sequence Poker Hand
  • A ‘set’ is a group of three or more cards with the same value, but of different suits. If the rummy game you’re playing uses wild cards, you will typically be allowed to use wilds to form sets.
    Sets Poker Hand

How to Play Online Rummy: Requirements

If you want to play Rummy online for real money or for free, there are a few things you’ll need.

  • An online casino account.

  • A mobile device that you can play online games on i.e., smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.

  • A stable internet connection.

  • A secure payment method like Paytm, PhonePe, or Google Pay.

How to Play Rummy Online: Important Terms

Playing online rummy for real money is quite simple. But you must understand the game as a whole. Aside from the rules and general objectives, you also need to know the terms that may be used. Here’s a quick list of them:

  • Also called the Draw Pile, this deck of cards is placed face down after the cards have been dealt to the players.
  • The remaining cards in a player’s hand that cannot form a run or a set – and also remain unmatched – are called Deadwood.
  • A dealer is the player who deals or hands out the cards to the other players. In casual play, players can decide on the dealer at random. In online rummy, the dealer is automated. In online casinos that offer live casino games, the live dealer is pre-assigned to the table.
  • In rummy, a player that has formed all their desired sets and/or sequences can declare their achievement to win the game. Making a formal declaration means you believe all the sets and sequences you’ve built are correct, and you’re inviting the dealer (or other players, in casual settings) to review them.
  • To discard a card means to remove a card from your hand that you believe you no longer need. In rummy, you would place this card in the Discard Pile. To discard a card basically means to get rid of it.

    On their turn, each player must discard a card i.e., place it in the Discard Pile.
  • To draw a card means to blindly select a card from a deck or pile of cards. In rummy, players can draw from either the Draw Pile or the Discard Pile. once per turn.

    On their turn, each player must draw – or pick – a card from the closed deck aka the Draw Pile.

Rummy: Variations

Like Teen Patti, Poker, and other popular card games, rummy can also be played several different ways. Some variations of the game are more popular in online casinos in India. However, all formats of the game can be – and are! – enjoyed worldwide. Here are some well-known rummy variations.

  • Rummy 500 can be played by 6-8 players. Unlike Indian Rummy, the players’ scores are determined by the value of the melded cards—not the deadwood. The more sets and runs the player creates, the higher their score and their chance of winning. The first player to reach 500 points wins (hence the name of the game).

    In rummy 500, cards from 2-9 are worth five points. 10, Jack, Queen, and King are worth ten points. The player’s final score is determined by the total value of their deadwood subtracted from the total value of their melded cards. So it’s value of melded cards – value of deadwood = final score.
  • Gin Rummy is a two-player card game. Each player receives ten cards each, and the game’s objective is to score as many points as possible by forming melds and discarding deadwood cards.

    Play continues until one of the players reaches 100 points. A round of gin rummy goes on until a player Knocks, which is what happens when a player has ten or lower deadwood points.

    If a player manages to meld all their cards with 0 deadwood points, it’s called going gin.
  • Unlike online rummy or Indian Rummy, the monetary value for each point is decided by the players before the game begins—hence the name Points Rummy. The player who creates the required sequence set wins.
  • In Pool Rummy, players decide the exit criteria before the game. Once a player collects a set number of points, the player can then leave the game. Play continues ‘til only one player is left.
  • Deals Rummy is quite similar to Points Rummy. Aside from the monetary value for each point, the players also predetermine the maximum number of deals played. The person with the highest points after the predetermined number of deals wins.’s Top Tips to Playing Rummy

Once you know the basics, rummy is a simple enough game to play. But it’s still a good idea to keep playing and practising so that you can develop your skills and have a better chance of winning. Here are a few tips from the experts on our team to help you improve your online rummy and Indian Rummy game.

Play for free

Play for free

Before playing online rummy for real money, test out different strategies and play styles on free rummy games.

Avoid the discard pile

Avoid the discard pile

Unless the card in the discard pile will help you create a sequence or set, do not draw cards from the discard pile.

Discard high value cards

Discard high value cards

As much as possible, discard cards with high values early on. If an opponent shows before you do, your deadwood points will be much lower.

Pay attention the other players

Pay attention the other players

Observing which cards your players are discarding will help you better gauge what cards they may or may not have.

Arrange your cards

Arrange your cards

Arrange the cards in your hand by rank, suit, or sequence to give you a better visual of what you have and what you need.

Where Can I Play Rummy Online?

Thanks to the rise of online casinos in India, many now have the option of playing Online Rummy or Indian Rummy with a live dealer. There is also a version of online rummy called Virtual Rummy. We’ll explain the difference between the two.

  • Playing Online Rummy Live.

    A lot of online casinos in India give players the option of a virtual setup. Players can play online rummy with their friends at a digital table handled by a Live Dealer.

    If this setup sounds appealing to you, all you need to do is ensure that you and your friends have registered accounts on the same casino site/app. Coordinate your schedules so that you can login at the same time to play online rummy together.

  • Playing Online Rummy Virtually.

    Unlike Live Dealer Rummy, Virtual Rummy is played with a virtual dealer aka a computer/bot. It is still played online and, in the case of some online casinos, you can still play it with your friends at the table. However, you’ll be handled by an AI program.

    Either way, playing Live Online Rummy or Virtual Rummy can be an exciting way to play the game and effectively improve your skills.

  • A common concern about online rummy is the safety—completely understandable! Our team spends a lot of time ensuring that the online rummy casinos we recommend are carefully tested and assessed for security, banking methods, payout speed, bonuses, customer friendliness, and more.

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Should I Play Online Rummy For Real Money?

A lot of our readers – especially beginners – wonder if they should be playing online rummy with real cash. The game itself is challenging and entertaining. By adding real money to the mix, the risk of potential reward makes it all the more exciting. But at the same time, playing rummy for free remains the safer and more sensible option.

So, what should you do?

Our Advice: Do Both

Let us explain...

A lot of our recommended rummy casinos offer online rummy games for free. Playing these zero-risk games will help you test and refine your strategies without spending anything. It’s a great way to build experience and familiarize yourself with the rules.

Joining online rummy tournaments can also help you better your skills and enjoy the game with other players. Some rummy tournaments are free to join and free to play. Cash rummy tournaments, on the other hand, will typically require some sort of fee or minimum bet.

Once you have a better understanding of traditional rummy, online rummy, and/or Indian Rummy, then you can start playing for real cash. You’ll be a lot more confident in your skills and, therefore, will be less prone to making mistakes due to pressure or nervousness.

Plus, playing online rummy for real money in online casinos can result in better bonuses and exclusive promotions!

Trust When Playing Rummy Online

We don’t take the trust our readers have put in us lightly. We are transparent about our review process and extremely careful (not to mention critical!) in our casino assessments because we want you, our readers, to be safe.

As cheesy as it sounds, our first duty will always be to players and their security.

We provide Indian gambling fans with comprehensive, carefully-researched information that will help them play safely and responsibly.

Is Online Rummy Legal in India?

Since rummy is considered a ‘game of skill’ rather than a ‘game of chance,’ it’s legal to play rummy online in India. It’s also important to note that most online rummy casinos are based outside of Indian borders. This matters because current legal regulations in India do not place restrictive laws on playing at online casinos outside the country.

  • According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867 gambling games that can be defined as a ‘game of chance’ – wherein the results are determined mostly by luck – are prohibited. Games like roulette or *Teen Patti* cannot be played for real money on online sites based in India.

  • However, games based on skills and strategy – like rummy and poker – can be legally played in online casinos in India for real money.

  • We’ve done extensive research on the gambling legislation in India so we can help you better understand what is and isn’t legal to play online in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

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