Casino Bonus Guide: Types of Bonuses, How To Claim & Tips (2023)

Published on:December 22, 2022
Casino Bonus Guide: Types of Bonuses, How To Claim & Tips (2023)
Shahanshah Alam
ByShahanshah Alam

Casino bonuses are a relatively well established phenomenon in the casino industry that essentially began with the development of online casinos.

As more and more casino websites cropped up, they started raising the bar for new players in terms of welcome bonuses and free bets and eventually introduced reload bonuses, cashback offers, and other incentives. A lot of players are drawn towards playing casino games on casino websites due to the appeal of these bonuses, offered by many platforms.

Most casino websites use this strategy to increase consumer interest in their services. For players, casino bonuses are a great way to boost their bankroll and get extra funds to play.

However, it is essential to remember that not all bonuses are the same. You need to consider several factors when claiming a bonus, such as the wagering requirements, the game restrictions, and the minimum deposit amount.

In this guide, we will look at these factors so you can make an informed decision when claiming an casino bonus. We will also give you top tips on claiming bonuses and what to look out for when doing so.

There are several casino bonuses, and we have discussed the popular ones below.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses are typically 100% match bonuses on a player’s first deposit, but they can also be larger or smaller depending on the casino. You receive welcome bonuses upon signing up.

Play-only Bonuses

Play-only bonus bonuses are only offered to players while playing a game actively on the casino website. This bonus is a natural part of using the website, as the latter award points to players each time they participate in a game.

You may use this bonus only in games, and cannot withdraw it. If you succeed, the initial wager is transferred back to your bonus balance, and the profits get added to your proper balance.

Match Bonus

Match bonuses are funds added to a player’s casino account on top of any real money deposits made by a player. For instance, a 100% match bonus will give the player an INR 1600 bonus when they deposit INR 1600.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit or withdrawable bonus is an uncommon type of bonus offered by websites. Players receive deposit bonuses depending on whether the bonus is sticky or not. For example, you will receive an INR 400 bonus on an INR 700 investment.

These bonuses are typically not offered by betting or casino websites because they are not profitable.

Deposit bonuses are usually smaller than Welcome Bonuses, but the player can get awarded on multiple deposits.

No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, the no-deposit bonus credits a player’s casino account with free money without making a deposit.

No-deposit bonuses are small sums of free money you receive upon joining or participating in a campaign; you do not need to deposit any money into your casino account to receive them. However, you must meet specific requirements before you can withdraw any wins.

No Deposit Bonuses are typically smaller than welcome bonuses or deposit bonuses, but they do not require a deposit.


A receives a cashback after making a certain number of deposits. For instance, some casino websites provide a 10% cashback on an INR 1000 deposit, and then here, the player would receive INR 100.

Free spins, no-deposit bonuses, and cashback offers are some additional offers you may come across, either beside or as an alternative to the deposit bonuses mentioned above. You are given a set number of free spins on a slot machine in exchange for using none of your money.

Bonus Rates

Bonus rates largely depend on the casino you choose to play. Most casino bonuses fall under the heading of deposit bonuses.

The most typical is a 100% deposit bonus. This shows that the concerned casino will match your initial deposit—up to a specific, predetermined sum with bonus monies.

If you deposit, for instance, INR 1000, the casino will give you an additional INR 1000 in bonus money, giving you INR 2000 to play with. You will also find additional percentages provided, ranging from 10% to 25%, up to 50%, 75%, and 125%, and in certain situations, up to 200%, 300%, or even 400%.

How To Claim Online Casino Bonus?

  • To receive a casino bonus, you only have to sign up and/or deposit money. Sign up or register at the casino site that offers an attractive welcome bonus.
  • You will find the bonus option under the promotions category on most websites. Head to the promotion category and sign up to receive the welcome bonus.

Note: Apart from welcome bonuses, other bonuses are simple to claim. You can claim bonuses except for a welcome bonus on fulfilling the bonus requirements.

Tips To Follow

  • Before cashing out any bonuses, read the bonus’s terms and conditions—some casino sites require you to wager a certain amount.
  • Your chances of winning one of the above bonuses increase when you use your previous bonus wisely.
  • Note that your bonus will only be valid for the games you can play.
  • Before getting any free money or bonus, you must read the fine print in terms and conditions as the money you receive in terms of bonus comes with strings attached.
  • Additionally, if you encounter any problems, contact customer care. The customer care team is always available to help.

Remember Before Claiming Bonus

Most online casino bonuses have wagering requirements, so you must wager the bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw. For example, you must wager 20 times/30 times respectively for a welcome bonus with a 20x or 30x wagering requirement before claiming it, and then you can withdraw any winnings.

Online casino bonuses can be a great way to boost your bankroll, but it is vital to understand the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus.

Ending Note

It is crucial to pick a reliable casino website to win bonuses—-preferably one that combines casino games and sports betting on one platform.

There are several games available, plus there is a genuine casino with actual dealers, which you can find online.

But if you are still confused and the path is unclear, choose the genuine, legit, rewarding casino sites online. Check out our website, where you get to compare different casino sites for bonuses, rewarding programs, and check out other top online casinos information.

Shahanshah Alam
Shahanshah Alam

With over a decade of experience in the iGaming sphere, Shahanshah never leaves a chance to test newly launched casinos. When free of work, we often find him watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on a binge mode.

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